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Commercial Wheelie Bin Collection Services in King’s Lynn by Baco Compak.

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All Baco Compak wheelie bins are manufactured to the highest standards using the most recent production techniques and conform to European standard EN840. Made from recyclable polyethylene, the bins have been rigorously tested to withstand UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and are chemical resistant. All of the bin components are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel and are reusable. The design of the bin lid also ensures a perfect fit against the base, preventing unwanted smells to escape and rainwater to seep through.

Flexible Wheelie Bin Service in King’s Lynn

As a waste processing and recycling specialist in King’s Lynn, it is our goal to provide local residents and commercial organizations with waste disposal services that meet all their needs at an affordable price. Thanks to our streamlined business processes and highly efficient waste management team, this is a goal that we have been able to achieve with ease. Our wheelie bin service in King’s Lynn is designed to meet the needs of smaller firms who may find skip hire an uneconomical solution to their waste disposal requirements, as well as companies and individuals who simply do not have the room to accommodate large skips on their land. If you generate a quantity of waste that does not justify hiring a skip to dispose of it or you wish to have several smaller collection points on your site instead of a single large one, call for more information about our wheelie bin service today.
Wheelie bins

Cost effective and convenient solution for smaller volumes of waste and recycling

Lockable lids/ swivel brakes

Scheduled and on-demand service available

Various sizes available to meet your requirements: 1100 litre, 770 litre, 660 litre, 340 litre, & 240 litre.

Suitable for:

General dry compactable waste (black bag waste)


Rear End Loader Services

Our Rear End Load (REL) skips are 6 - 16 cubic yards and ideal for large commercial premises producing high quantities of light compactable waste. These skips are charged on a weight limit of 1000kg, surplus weight is charged per kg as our vehicles have on-board weighing systems to enable instant weighing and environmental monitoring.
 6 Yard REL

6 yd RELs:

Capacity - 6 cu yds / 4.6 cu mtrs

Height - 1.3 mtrs / 4. 4 ft

Length - 3.3 mtrs / 10.7 ft

Width - 1.81 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Leave in situ and empty on demand with Baco Compak

8 Yard REL

8 yd RELs:

Capacity - 8 cu yds / 6 cu mtrs

Height - 1.3 mtrs / 4. 6 ft

Length - 3.3 mtrs / 10.7 ft

Width - 1.81 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Great for loose bulky waste

  10 Yard REL

10 yd RELs:

Capacity - 10 cu yds / 8.85 cu mtrs

Height - 1.5 mtrs / 4.9 ft

Length - 3.8 mtrs / 12.6 ft

Width - 1.8 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Ask us about regular scheduled collections

 12 yard RELS

12 yd RELs:

Capacity - 9.2 cu mtrs / 12 cubic yards

Height - 1.8 mtrs / 5.8 ft

Length - 3.8 mtrs / 12.6 ft

Width - 1.8 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Can handle large amounts of commercial and industrial compactable waste

14 yard RELS

14 yd RELs:

Capacity - 14 cu yds / 10.7 cu mtrs

Height - 1.9 mtrs / 6.1 ft

Length - 4.2 mtrs / 13.6 ft

Width - 1.81 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Simple access and can be used for dry non-hazardous waste

 16 yard RELS

16 yd RELs:

Capacity - 16 cu yds / 12.2 cu mtrs

Height - 1.9 mtrs / 6.1 ft

Length - 4.6 mtrs / 15.2 ft

Width - 1.8 mtrs / 5.9 ft

Perfect for large amounts of compactable waste

On Demand Wheelie Bin Collection in King’s Lynn

For customers who do not require a regular service, we offer on demand wheelie bin collection in the town and surrounding area. This service is ideal for domestic and commercial clients who only require our assistance for the duration of a one-off project or who find it difficult to predict their waste disposal needs from one week to the next. Our wheelie bin King’s Lynn team offer a very flexible service that can easily be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Baco Compak can organise wheelie bins for constant use on an ongoing basis. We'll hire the wheelie bins, organise scheduled pickups and waste removals plus more.

Regular Commercial Wheelie Bin King’s Lynn Collections

Companies that are based in this part of the UK can take advantage of our economically priced regular wheelie bin collection service to handle all their waste disposal needs in the most efficient manner possible. We can arrange to collect your waste at regular intervals and because we are a locally based company, we are normally able to make changes to collection times at relatively short notice, without any financial penalty. If you would like to find out more about our cost effective wheelie bin service in King’s Lynn, please do not hesitate to call or email us at your convenience.
For scheduled wheelie bin waste removals or for an on-demand service

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